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Why do I need dental exams and cleanings if my teeth don’t hurt?

If you have had regular dental care thus far, you can probably thank your lack of pain and dental emergencies to preventive dentistry. Routine dental exams and cleanings give your dentist and hygienist an opportunity to point out any developing conditions, such as gingivitis, that you can address with minimal investment.Woman at Dentist | Carlton OR

Your Carlton dentist or hygienist will also take regular dental x-rays used to diagnose dental decay and bone loss before they cause significant oral conditions. When we detect problems early, they are less costly and take less time overall.

Changes in Oral Health

We realize that the families we serve have busy lives. Your routine dental appointments should take no more than a few hours per year, but can pay off over the course of your lifetime. Even if you have enjoyed few dental problems in the past, changes to your medical health, or even regular changes like pregnancy, can mean that you are more susceptible to oral conditions.

We customize our preventive exam and cleaning appointments at Carlton Dental and hope that with good home hygiene and quality dentistry, you will need few dental procedures in your lifetime.

To book your next dental exam or teeth cleaning, contact our Carlton, OR dental office. We look forward to seeing your smile. 

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