Digital Dental X-Rays in Carlton OR

Preventive dentistry is the best way to avoid dental emergencies and serious dental conditions that require more complex procedures such as root canal therapy or extractions. Many dental problems reveal themselves upon a visual exam by Dr. Leif Gambee, while others hide beneath the gums or enamel. Dental x-rays, also called radiographs,  help us identify those oral conditions in their early stages when they are easier to treat.

Why Digital X-Rays Are Better

Digital X-Rays | Carlton OR DentistDigital x-rays have a number of advantages over their earlier film counterparts. First, digital dental x-rays reduce radiation emissions by up to 80 percent. Since dental x-rays were always considered low-radiation, digital dental technology goes above and beyond to protect your safety. Being outside exposes you to more radiation than your dental x-rays.

Just as photographers can enhance and adjust photos using computer software, Dr. Gambee can also use digital technology to zoom in on certain areas of the x-ray, adjust exposure, and alter the contrast to get the best view of your teeth. This makes it possible for him to detect issues faster than ever before.

As citizens of Oregon, we all hold a deep appreciation for the beauty around us. Digital dental x-rays eliminate the need for chemical development, protecting the environment.

We store digital dental x-rays in your digital chart. Dr. Gambee can pull them up and compare them over time with the simple click of a button.

When Do I Need Dental X-Rays?

In most cases, we will take bitewing x-rays once per year to look for common problems like decay. A full mouth series every three to five years will help us monitor changes in bone levels and evaluate the health of the roots.

Each type of x-ray serves a unique purpose. 

Bitewings – detect decay and plaque between teeth
Periapical – show the roots of the teeth as well as the crown
Panoramic – captures a full mouth view of the smile, including bone and jaw joints
3-D cone beam – used in orthodontic planning and implant surgery

Additional X-Ray Needs

Grandmother and Child | Carlton OR DentistOther times when we might need to take additional x-rays include dental emergency appointments. Usually between one and three x-rays during an emergency appointment will be enough to assist Dr. Gambee with a diagnosis of your condition.

When planning restorative dentistry, such as a dental crown, dental insurance companies often request a before and after x-ray to process your benefits. We will provide your insurance company with what they need to avoid lengthy hassles.

Do You Have Questions about Dental X-Rays?

If you have concerns about the safety or necessity of dental x-rays, please let us know your thoughts. We are always happy to share knowledge with you, so you are empowered to make the best decisions regarding your oral health.